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Varicocele? Live a Healthy Life With Ayurveda

Varicocele is a medical condition in which the man’s scrotum veins become engorged with blood, causing them to swell up. This swelling can result in the enlarged scrotum, testicular shrinkage, & recurrent, if comparatively mild, pain. Because the scrotum holds the testicles, varicocele’s most significant impact is on male fertility. The veins with the greatest chances of being affected are on the scrotum’s left side. Men with varicocele classically first see evidence for it in their teen years & the twenties. Varicocele's are relatively common, occurring in up to 15% of men. They are, in fact, the leading cause of male infertility, found in 40% of men with low sperm counts. Varicocele is treatable. If you are concerned about this condition, make an early appointment with an Ayurvedic expert at Dr. Health for consultation & treatment.

The herbal Ayurvedic medicines are quite effective in curing varicocele. The Ayurvedic treatment treats the condition by bringing immediate symptomatic relief & stopping the varicocele from getting larger.

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Timely Treatment is Possible with Early Diagnosis!

Do you have these Symptoms?

The science behind the causes of this condition is unclear, but our Ayurvedic experts believe it can develop when the valves inside your spermatic cord prevent the blood from flowing properly. To understand the condition better, let’s take a closer look at the warning signs and symptoms –

  • Dull testicular pain or scrotal aching often gets better when you lie down.
  • Symptoms that get worse after certain activities, like bike riding or being on your feet for hours.
    Swollen testicle or scrotum.
  • Male infertility (the inability to make a baby after one year of trying).
  • Visibly enlarged or twisted veins in your scrotum that are often described as looking like a bag of worms.
  • Small lump above the affected testicle.

It is possible to develop varicocele without being aware of this condition. It might go undetected unless diagnosed by our Ayurvedic physician during a physical examination. 


Can Varicocele Affect Male Infertility?

The short answer is 'yes'. Varicocele affects male fertility in some individuals. However, most of the individuals with varicocele experience no reproductive obstacles. Medical studies don’t understand exactly what role varicocele plays in the male infertility. It is possible that temperature changes inside the scrotum due to blood buildup in veins. This higher temperature might affect sperm count or production.

If you suspect infertility may be an issue for you, talk to our Ayurvedic healthcare provider. Male fertility concerns are the top reason people get treated for varicocele. Almost half of the couples who seek Ayurvedic medical care for male infertility have a varicocele.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicocele at Dr. Health

Allopathy medicines treat varicocele with anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain & inflammation. Our Ayurvedic medications use herbal ingredients & unlike all other allopathic medicines, have no long-ranging side effects.
In contrast, Dr. Health’s Ayurvedic treatment for Varicocele focuses on three things –

  • Relieving symptoms
  • Curtailing progress of the disease
  • Preventing complications

It relies on natural herbal ingredients and detoxification of the body to relieve pain. These treatments are known to strengthen the elasticity of the veins. Our Ayurvedic treatment mention cystic swelling in the veins, which is a very near description of varicocele. Dr. Health precisely mentions treatments for different causes & symptoms of varicocele.



The testicles are very sensitive, even a small minor injury can cause pain in the testes or discomfort. This pain may also occur due to Varicocele, an issue faced by most of the males because of the lifestyle patterns. This may also be due to coiled tube and supporting tissues (epididymis) or it might be from within the testicle itself. In many cases, the reason for the pain may be due to issues with groin or abdomen area. Pain may also occur due to inflammation or sexually transmitted infections or might be because of an emergency condition called Testicular Torsion (Twisting). It appears as a dull ache in the scrotum, sometimes with swelling in the testicles.

Our Ayurvedic treatment aims to cure the pain with our naturally driven herbal medicines and focuses on the main root cause and gives a permanent solution to the pain. We believe right medication, healthy diet and lifestyle can cure any disorder be it acute or chronic. So, We with the same approach, have been treating the patients with our experts with years of experience in Male fertility.

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Thousands of Men are Cured of Varicoecele at Dr. Health

Thousands of men have been cured from Varicocele at Dr.Health without surgery. Our advanced Ayurvedic Varicocele Treatment helps the patient to reverse varicocele symptoms like low sperm count, sperm motility, poor sperm morphology, testicle pain, heaviness of scrotum, nightfall, premature ejaculation. Constipation and Vata disorder (Ayurveda) are the main causes of varicocele.

Treatment at Dr. Health is a holistic combination of research-based medicine plans which includes herbal medicines, diets, and Ayurvedic home remedies. Ayurvedic treatment for varicocele offers a 360° solution that Includes Ayurvedic home remedies, herbal medicines, as well as diet & lifestyle recommendations according to the patient’s health status. The underlying root cause of varicocele can be different for different patients, therefore, it is important to address the root cause.

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