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About Dr. Health

Dr. Health, the epitome of a healthy lifestyle & fine living, was founded with the aim of propagating the ideologies of the ancient Science of Ayurveda all over the world. Its founders were learned, accomplished individuals who believed in the workings of Ayurveda, truly recognizing its capabilities to heal & cleanse both body and soul. They passed down their vast experience & knowledge down through four generations of doctors who are equally committed to making Ayurveda relevant again.

Dr. Health is a pioneering venture of Himanshu Dhawan and Dr. Megha Chaturvedi. The couple hails from a family of Traditional Ayurvedic practitioners; the family, over the past three generations, devoted themselves to the research & development of Ayurvedic treatments & Medicines. It is through their culminated efforts that Dr. Health has reached new pinnacles of success & benevolence. Dr. Health has itself kept abreast with modern technological advancements & blended them with the basic principles of Ayurveda.

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Ayurvedic Treatments

At Dr. Health, we offer holistic healing solutions to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Our experienced Ayurvedic practitioners integrate traditional knowledge with modern science to deliver customized and effective treatments. We firmly believe Ayurveda can treat the mind, body, and spirit.

Our healing approach is deeply ingrained in Ayurveda's principles, which emphasize cultivating a healthy lifestyle, consuming well-balanced and appropriate nutrition, and implementing natural remedies to preserve a state of equilibrium and unity within the body.

Here is what you can expect from us:

Our consultations are conducted by highly skilled Ayurvedic experts who devote ample time to listen to your concerns attentively, meticulously review your medical history and perform a comprehensive physical examination. This enables us to design a tailored treatment regimen catering to your needs.

Utilizing the time-tested principles of Ayurveda, our specialists employ traditional diagnostic techniques, such as pulse diagnosis, tongue examination, and modern medical testing, to accurately determine the underlying cause of your health issues.

Our extensive range of Ayurvedic treatments encompasses herbal remedies, massage therapy, dietary guidance, detoxification programs, and more. These therapies are intended to address the root imbalances in your body rather than merely mitigating the symptoms.

We strongly believe that regular communication and support are crucial for your healing journey. Therefore, our practitioners constantly contact you to monitor your progress and modify your treatment plan if necessary.

We aim to facilitate optimal health and wellness through natural, holistic remedies. We believe Ayurveda presents a unique approach to healing that can benefit everyone, irrespective of age or health status. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the advantages of Ayurveda firsthand.

100% Natural, Steroid-Free Treatment for Skin Disorders

Formulated without harsh chemicals or synthetic steroids, all natural medicines of Dr. Health targets the root cause of skin conditions for lasting relief.

100% Natural Male Fertility Treatment, Clinically Tested Steroid Free Medicines

Dr. Health's all-natural male fertility enhancing medicines are clinically tested to ensure its safety and effectiveness, formulated without the use of any synthetic steroids.