Varicocele Treatment

5000+ men have been cured at Dr.Health from varicocele without surgery. We stand experience of more than 15 years. Our advanced treatment helps the patient to reverse varicocele symptoms like low sperm count, sperm motility, poor sperm morphology, pain, heaviness of scrotum, nightfall, pre-mature ejaculation. Constipation and Vata disorder(Ayurveda) are the main causes of varicocele. 

We at Dr. Health, provide Ayurvedic medicines along with exercises and diet plan to overcome varicocele.

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5000+ men have been cured from varicocele

Still not cured from varicocele?

Surgery is the only method in allopathic treatment to get rid out of varicocele. but after surgery 5 in 10 men who undergo a surgical procedure for varicocele will have a recurrence of varicocele.

Surgery does not  work on root cause of varicocele .

Worry no more! Here is the solution

Ayurveda has been offering a cure to varicocele from the past few years. At Dr. Health, our experts have refined knowledge that makes varicocele treatment result more successful or no recurrence. We use herbal, safe and effective medicines which work on the root cause of varicocele i.e Vata disorder. We focus on the medical history of the patient and prepare a customized medication, exercise, and diet plan to cure varicocele.

Patients Report video

2 महीने में पूरी तरह ठीक हुआ वैरीकोसेल

सर्जरी के बिना ग्रेड III / IV वैरीकोसेल हुआ ठीक

मात्र 1 महीने में Veins का साइज हुआ 4.4 mm से 2.1 mm

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