15000 + Patients have been cured from Psoriasis with Advanced skin rejuvenation Treatment.
Dr. Health cured Psoriasis which enhance immuninity and work on root cause of psoriasis with
experience of more than 7 years. Our advanced treatment helps the patient to reverse
symptoms of psoriasis like inflammation of skin, redness,, scaly patches, itching ,rashes,burning
sensation which easily-shed. Dr. Health provides Ayurvedic medicines along with diet plan
which will help patients to recover from their sufferings


Allopathic medicines only suppress  symptoms of psoriasis with temporary relief for short period and also have long term repercussions. If a patient look into the prescription of allopathic treatment, they will only find medicines for immunosuppressive drug , steroid and anti- inflamatory drugs which reduces immune response, swelling and hormonal medicines which  harm  person's body and further damages vital organs.


Ayurveda has been offering cures to Psoriasis from last many years. At Dr. Health, our panel of experts has refined knowledge that makes psoriasis treatment results more successful. We use herbal, safe, and effective medicines that work on the root cause of Psoriasis. We focus on the medical history of the patient and prepare a customized diet plan to cure Psoriasis.

We help the patients to revive their skin and confidence through our right guidance and counseling which help them to lead a happy and satisfying life.

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15-20 दिन में मिला सोरायसिस से आराम

सोरायसिस हुआ 2 महीने में ठीक

Types of Psoriasis

1. Plaque psoriasis- It is a majorly found psoriasis type. Thick red coloured patches surrounding a white coloured layer. It is found on the scalp, knee joint, elbow joint and lower back.
2. Guttate psoriasis- Red coloured appearance with dots on the whole body. It gives a lot of itching and burning sensation. -It might cause fever and weakness.
3. Inverse psoriasis- Found on folds of skin on the armpits, the area around the private part, the area below breast and area below pelvic portion.
4. Pustular psoriasis- It is opposite of plaque psoriasis. White pustules surround redlining. They are smooth and shiny in appearance and are mostly found on fingertips and toe tips. It can also be found on palm or foot sole. It involves joint pain.
5. Nail psoriasis- Groves on nails, loosening of nails which leads to pain.
6. Erythrodermic psoriasis- Burnt lookalike. It causes dizziness, extreme weakness, fever, and shivering.

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