High Blood Sugar and Male Infertility

There are several factors that are not very known among people about the effects of Diabetes. One way how Diabetes affects our body is also with regards to its effects on male fertility.
Is Diabetes a reason for male infertility or low sperm count? How to treat someone with low sperm count plus Diabetes? Do you also have these questions in mind? If so, continue to read this article, and let’s have a clear & unobstructed take on the issues related to male infertility

Research shows that around 1 in 4 men (between the ages of 30-40 years) with type 2 diabetes have low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels can lead to problems that can reduce fertility, like low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, & decreased sex drive.
India has been acknowledged as the “Diabetes Capital” in the world in a recent report by International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Also, it has been stated that India’s 9% population is likely to be diabetic by 2030.
Feeling overwhelmed??
Well, there are two foremost reasons for it – when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, or the body cells don’t respond adequately to the insulin produced.
It is vital to keep your blood sugar level in control. But, it is the most significant when you are planning to start your family. Recent reports have shown that – diabetes can cause male infertility. It is advisable to keep your blood sugar level in check before it affects your sex life leading to male infertility (oligospermia).

Can Diabetes Cause Male Infertility (Oligospermia)?

Can Diabetes Cause Male Infertility (Oligospermia)?
You bet. Diabetes can damage blood vessels & nerves, and increase the risk of infection, especially when not well controlled. As a result, diabetes is associated with an array of sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, decreased sex drive (libido), and inflammation of the foreskin (balanitis).

Diabetes can cause male infertility in three ways –
Causes erectile dysfunction – by affecting the health of small blood vessels & lowering testosterone levels
Lowers the sex drive – by lowering testosterone levels
Reduces ejaculate volume – by affecting small nerves which control ejaculation & by lowering testosterone levels
Indeed, if the patient had all three issues at the same time, along with the lower testosterone level. Fortunately, all these symptoms are fairly easy to correct with herbal medications, diet plans, and lifestyle changes.

When it comes to diabetes & infertility, chances are higher in males. Diabetes directly affects fertility in the human body. The scientific reason behind the same is – the oxidative stress caused due to high glucose level damages the DNA of the sperm.
More studies are required to understand if diabetes affects male fertility in the general population & not just for those who might already have lower fertility. By planning to become a Dad, you have time to change factors that can affect your fertility. The importance of looking after your health before trying for a baby & making positive lifestyle changes, like eating healthily & getting more exercise should be high on the agenda.
Male infertility with diabetes is a possibility; it only needs a good head start and planning. The key to success is to understand & reduce the risks involved, eat right, work on ideal weight, & follow the instructions of your healthcare team.

The Good News?

Dr. Health brings your expert care in Ayurveda under the guidance of an expert doctor, Himanshu Dhawan, who has been providing effective results to patients from around the world & has increased their sperm count tremendously. Ayurveda has a proven approach to managing and treating infertility with diabetes that involves enhanced control over blood sugars. Sure enough, with the appropriate combination of Ayurvedic pills, diet plans, and lifestyle modifications, infertility “hat trick” induced by diabetes is overcome & the patient is able to conceive naturally after several months. 
Remember that about 1/3 of infertility is male-driven. And diabetes is both a common & quite curable cause of infertility. Thus, do yourself and your future family a favor and take proper treatment from Dr. Health’s team today.

Author Name:  Kanika Girdhar



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